It’s not often that I’m found at a loss for words, but when we walked into the Hendricks house, buzzing with family from all over te country and first saw Sheree, quietly sneaking down the passageway getting ready to promise her life to Grant, that was one of those moments.  I also found myself shedding some tears as we were chatting to Grant and the wedding guests, excitedly and nervously awaiting the beautiful bride!

A big thanks to Father Gerard from The Holy redeemer Church for so lovingly and openly welcoming us.

Also, thank you to the love of my life, Michael, for second shooting and capturing amazing moments!

Reception Venue: Steenberg Gholf Estate

We present to you the documented wedding day of Mr. & Mrs. Garcia


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What better way to compliment a beautiful couple than by beautiful scenery.

A special thanks to Lourensford Estate in Somerset West for allowing us to make use of your grounds for some lovely images!

I had fun warming these two up to the camera before their big day!

We look forward to capturing Grant & Sheree’s wedding in two weeks!

Grant & Sheree Blog



When Sanmarie asked me if I’d do a shoot with the three of them, because they really want to have pictures of their gorgeous little girl at the stage that she is,I was dead excited! I mean, who wouldn’t be? Not to mention flattered, as Daniel is a photographer himself and also because they trust me to pull funny faces and blow funny sounds at their most prized gift, their baby girl. Emma-Belle is the most gorgeous baby that I have ever met, those big brown eyes, and remarkable personality really held my attention.  It was such a privilege to photograph these three and and even bigger privilege to know them personally!

Take a look…Sanie Dan EmmaB Blog

In february I had the privilege of photographing this couple for their engagement, then a couple of weeks later we were pumped to photograph their wedding day. Lallie’s childhood bedroom hosted a perfect, soft, light pocket to shoot in while she was getting ready for her big day, while the groom and his best men were having some fun in the cottage. The first wedding we’ve had the privilege of shooting was one of the most relaxed weddings I’ve ever been to, the most laid back, happy,  easy going couple, great beer from Triggerfish Breweries, good food, and an ever embracing summers day in the outskirts of the Stellenbosch mountains offered a wonderful day of celebrations. Many happy years to you Lallie and Phil! Cheers !


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…driving up to the abandoned roller hockey court, known locally as “smoothies”, where, over the years, skating enthusiasts have been contributing to the movement by sponsoring odd ramps and rails, concrete walls, bricks and tyres…there sit Charl (with a towel over his head) and Jaco, against the fence, on a mini ramp (that sounds like it’s made of cardboard every time they Rock to Fakie) ,  and a bunch of kids kicking around, playing on our skateboards. Jaco turns around and says with a smile on his face: “Ons het kinders gekry”.

For the duration of my, usually lazy, laid back cruise sessions, and the guys’ “working up a sweat” rocking tricks up and down rails, over big boulders or kickflipping and ollie-ing over the flats- i felt somewhat motherlike- setting down rules for the kids about using the skateboard, (we brought an extra for them to play with) taking turns and not fighting about it, trying to keep them off the ramps out of the way of Jaco, Charl, Michael and Anton, and i got a fright every time they lay down on their tummies, fearlessly dropping in from the ramps, also, explaining to them, that smoking isn’t good for them, as they begged us to give them a go at our hubbly. (yes, hypocrites)

This is titled after one of their shirts.

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